The Rethinking Nuclear Weapons project accepts a limited number of interns each year. If you would like to work on an issue that matters, leave a message for us on the Contact Us page.
About us
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Ward Wilson is an award winning writer and scholar. He has worked on these issues for thirty years. He is the director of the Rethinking Nuclear Weapons project and a Senior Fellow at BASIC.
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Shivani Ray worked as research assistant and co-author of a forthcoming paper on the mythology of nuclear weapons, "The Myth of Nuclear War." She is currently a graduate student at Columbia University.
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Casey Lee served as researcher and sounding board for "Strengthening Nonproliferation." She is now attending graduate school at Georgetown University.
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Tucker Murray was summer intern at the project for the summer of 2013. Tucker worked on research for The Dangers of Nuclear Deterrence and is currently finishing a paper examining the notion that bombing can force civilians to rise up and demand that the war be ended.