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Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons is now available in paperback. Read an excerpt here.
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Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons is available in Korean.
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Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons is also available in French under the title: Armes Nucléaires: Et Si Elles Ne Servant À Rien? 5 Mythes À Déconstruire, which translates roughly as: “Nuclear weapons: and if they’re not really useful? Five myths deconstructed.”
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    H-Bomb test explosion

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    Cuban Missile Crisis

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    Trafalgar Square on news of WWI breaking out

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    Russian mobile nuclear missiles

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    Osaka - conventional bomb damage

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    Titan II missile in its silo

Rethinking Nuclear Weapons is a project challenging orthodox beliefs about nuclear weapons. Its approach is historical, fact-based, and pragmatic.
Research results have been presented at the UN, the U.S. State Department, the Pentagon, the U.K. House of Commons, the European Parliament, the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry and National Assembly, the Norwegian Stortinget, Harvard, Stanford, Georgetown, University of Chicago, Princeton, George Washington, University of Hamburg, University of Pretoria, the Brookings Institution, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Stimson Center, the Geneva Centre for Strategic Policy, and at meetings and conferences in Israel, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Croatia, and many other places.
In 2013, the Rethinking Nuclear Weapons project generated eight scholarly articles in publications as diverse as Parameters, the journal of the United States Army, and Ethics and International Affairs. We've had opinion pieces in The New York Times, United Press International, the Nashville Tennessean, and others. We were covered in Time, Scientific American, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and numerous other media. The analysis that we're doing here at RNW reaches an international audience.